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SPECIAL ORDERS - October 2007     ~ Special Orders ARE Special, and we want you to be a satisfied customer. THE CRANK can special order almost any product that is carried by our manufacturers. To order non-stocked, special order items, a pre-payment in full is required.    ~ Pre-payment is non-refundable and non-transferable, and special order items are non-cancelable and non-returnable. Manufactures vary in delivery time, so estimated times of arrivals are not guaranteed.    ~ As strict as this may sound we have your best interest in mind. 

GREAT SERVICE - July 2013    DO TO THE EXTENSIVE TIME AND ATTENTION WE GIVE TO OUR CUSTOMERS WE HAVE A ... *NO RETURN POLICY ~ NO REFUND POLICY ~ NO EXCHANGE POLICY* *Including layaways & special orders When a rare special exception occurs "the customer" is responsible for return & restocking fees... and All applicable related credit card fees.  

IMPORTANT  -  January 2018   Any items left for 30 Days after first contact / attempts !!! (without prior arrangements being made; and then 30 days from arrangement date) *WILL BE SOLD or DONATED (ANY MONEY FORFEITED)   This policy is due to the overwhelming time individuals have left merchandise without prior arrangements and/or have not followed through with scheduled arrangements even after contact.  INCLUDES: Special Orders, Layaways, Holds, Repairs & storage *see "repairs".

REPAIRS - May 2009    ~ Repairs not picked-up after 2 weeks from the initial time of completion & contact (including messages left) will be charged a storage fee of $2.00 per day.   ~ Repairs not picked-up after 4 weeks from the initial time of completion & contact (including messages left) will be sold to cover all cost/fees regarding repairs/storage. ***Exception*** - When special arrangements have been made prior, in which case storage fees may still apply.

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