The Deer Park


    In addition to our Gift Shop we have a deer park! Our very friendly herd of Fallow Deer eagerly await visits from our guests.

    Anyone can feel free to walk around or sit at one of our picnic table and watch the deer play in their large pen for free.

    If you want a more personal experience we have food available in our shop that you can purchase and literally have the deer eating right out of your hands.

    This is fun for the whole family!


    1. Fallow deer do not lose their spots in adulthood - all fallow deer have spots!
    2. Fallow deer are very social animals and tend to prefer larger herds.
    3. Fallow deer eat mostly grass, but they'll also eat tree bark if they can't find green grass.
    4. Fallow deer can live up to 25 years in captivity.
    5. Their Latin name is Dama dama.
    6. Most fallow deer stand around 3 feet tall - as tall as the average 3 year old!
    7. Their method of travel - stiff-legged jumping and running - is called stotting.
    8. Relative to their size, fallow bucks' antlers are the largest among deer species.